It all starts with a domain


Registering the right domain for your business is vital for establishing a strong online presence, building brand recognition, and creating a positive impression on customers. It sets the foundation for effective marketing, improved visibility, and enhanced credibility. By investing time and effort into choosing a relevant and memorable domain, you can lay the groundwork for long-term success in the digital landscape.

Below is our current domain registration, transfer and renewal costs. If you dont see the domain extension you are looking for then please contact one of our support team to assist.


ExtensionRegistrationTransfer R100.00 R0.00
com R275.00 R275.00
net R300.00 R300.00 R100.00 R0.00 R100.00 R0.00 R100.00 R0.00
org R275.00 R275.00
info R300.00 R300.00
africa R120.00 R0.00
joburg R120.00 R0.00
durban R120.00 R0.00
capetown R120.00 R0.00 R900.00 R900.00
website R500.00 R500.00
mobi R350.00 R350.00
site R600.00 R600.00
online R375.00 R375.00
tech R825.00 R825.00
store R1,375.00 R1,375.00
email R200.00 R600.00
media R225.00 R750.00
sale R275.00 R675.00
services R250.00 R675.00
support R200.00 R600.00
live R625.00 R625.00
shopping R650.00 R650.00
io R1,200.00 R1,200.00
business R350.00 R350.00
directory R175.00 R550.00
click R100.00 R325.00