Metahost SA reserves the right to suspend or terminate those accounts that violate these terms without notification and without assuming any liability related to the damages this action may cause. Metahost SA reserves the right to determine what constitutes acceptable use and will take appropriate action where necessary.


SPAM not only carries a financial burden, but it can also severely damage our reputation as a spam-free network. This damage can prevent any legitimate email from being delivered through our network or server. We, therefore, have zero tolerance for spamming. We prohibit the sending of SPAM or any unsolicited commercial email, either on our network or on any network if the email advertises or hints in any way at a site hosted on our network.

We don’t allow emails to be sent to purchased lists, you may only send an email to lists that the account holder has collected via the double opt-in.

In addition to bulk emailing, we prohibit our account holders from cross-posting messages on a large number of newsgroups, websites or forums, and/or sending obscene or threatening messages while using or referring to an email address or website URL hosted on our network.

If you violate this policy your account will be thoroughly investigated, and possibly suspended without notice. Any damages will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

In the case of a compromised account sending spam, the account will be suspended and we will notify you by email. We will provide access only to the customer’s IP and after checking that everything has been fixed properly we will unblock the account.

If we receive two spam reports in the last 12 months, we will block outgoing emails and give the customer 10 days to find a new service and move everything. During these 10 days it will not be possible to send any kind of email, on the 10th day we will close the account. In this case, it will not be possible to have any refund.

2. Restrictions on Content

We do not allow pornography, images, videos, links to adult sites or sites with content of a sexually-explicit nature, even in written text, or sex-related merchandise on the Shared Services.

We do not allow content that violates the law under any circumstances.

3. Backups, Storage and FTP Storage Space

Hosting accounts must be used for the purpose of website hosting – they must not be used to back up content from remote computers, as a general-purpose file storage system or as an FTP upload repository. We do not permit the storage of audio music or video unless these music and video files are used specifically on your website. Provided that it is not copyrighted material.

4. Chat Software

We do not allow real-time chat software within your hosting account. Only third party chat solutions that integrate with your website but are hosted remotely are permitted.

5. Web Applications

All installed third-party web applications must be kept up to date. Failure to maintain third-party applications leaves them vulnerable. It is your responsibility to regularly check for application updates. We suggest doing this check once a month for all applications.

In those cases where there are applications that have been hacked, they will be quarantined, or your account will be suspended. We will contact you to inform you about the situation. If you decide not to take any action we will automatically delete the quarantined files after 14 days.

6. The following items are absolutely prohibited:

  • Banner rotation services and link exchange.
  • Bit torrents or other peer-to-peer, trackers and clients.
  • Offering free or paid image, file, document or data storage.
  • Offer free hosting or email services.
  • Online role-playing games, hate sites, sites that promote hacking, spam, warez content or other illegal activities.
  • Material that violates the rights (including intellectual property rights) of third parties.
  • Running a game server.
  • Using our space as a ‘public download mirror’.
  • Running a proxy server or anonymizer, whether publicly accessible or password-protected. Spiders and indexers.
  • IRC Egg Drops & related programs.
  • UltimateBBS, Ikonboard, YaBB, YabbSE.
  • Shell, SSH, Telnet Scripts and all alternatives.
  • Links to pirated material, even if not hosted directly on our servers.

7. Use of resources

The server resources, such as RAM memory and CPU (processor), among others, are shared among all accounts on the same server. We guarantee that the server has the capacity to satisfy all the needs of the majority of the websites on a daily basis, also ensuring that the demand for resources is always met, even at peak times.

As these resources are shared among various users, it is possible for a single account to use too many of the resources available on a server, creating a nuisance for other accounts on the same server. This can happen for various reasons, but the main cause is due to poor code, a compromised account, or a huge influx of visitors to the website. Allowing a site to use more resources than its “quota” would mean giving a poor quality service to all other accounts on the same server.

To avoid this we monitor all accounts in real-time and block a particular account if it exceeds its allocated resource limit.

If a site grows and often exceeds the resource limit the customer can contact us through a ticket to find a solution tailored to the new traffic volume of the site.

7.1 How are these policies enforced?

We have an automated system that monitors all accounts in real-time, temporarily blocking an account if a limit is reached.

These policies are in place to protect 99.9% of our customers from the small fraction of sites that cause performance issues. We want you to enjoy the best possible hosting experience for your site. Meaning fast, and with the highest possible uptime. All of this is necessary to ensure that all users adhere to the same set of principles, thus preventing one account from becoming a “devourer of resources” to the detriment of others.

7.2. Warranty Termination

If any of these limitations are exceeded, the satifaction guarantee is void.

7.3. Resource Use Limitations for Shared Plans

  • RAM
  • CPU
  • I/O
  • Processes

The limitations of each account are shown on the plan sales page. These resources are not guaranteed but represent a maximum limit that the individual account can use.

You cannot run cron jobs more frequently than once every 10 minutes.

We have an hourly email sending limit of 250 emails/hour. If you wish to send more emails you must purchase a dedicated IP address or dedicated SMTP service.

You cannot send attachments larger than 25MB.

We do not allow sending newsletters, you must use a dedicated service for these purposes.

We do not allow more than 200 IMAP/SMTP connections per hour from a single IP.

You can control the resource usage directly from the hosting control panel (Plesk).

Blocking and unblocking of an account based on the resource limit is automatic, and we cannot act manually under any circumstances.

7.4. Restrictions of resource use for dedicated plans

In the case of dedicated plans, there are no limits of use, the limits are given by the resources physically assigned to your machine, virtual or dedicated.

8. Warranty Termination

If any of these rules is violated, the satisfaction guarantee is void.

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